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Ulaanbaatar Mongolia


Arrived in U from the transmongolian railway from Beijing. Crossed the Gobi desert saw mini horses, camels, cows and wild dogs. Was woken up at 1am then 3 am by Chinese and Mongolian border crossing officials . The Chinese searched bags, under bunks and made us stand up. Time passed quickly on train. In U went to bank, Cafe Amsterdam for lunch and some shopping and sight seeing in city Centre. Still a lot of ger tents around the city. Going for Mongolian BBQ to nite. A lot of foreigners, expats in town because of mining and a lot of Iris pubs. Off to Terelj National Park tomorrow.

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Forbidden City


We caught the bus 1 yuan each about 20 cents to Tienanmen Square. They use opal cards. Forbidden CityIis huge. We did it in hour with the help of Frank our blow in tour guide. 300 concubines and 2000 eunuchs lived there. All for one family. The sheer spectacle of the place is mind boggling. It has to be seen to be appreciated.

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14/10/14 Beijing China

Summer Palace


Visited Summer Palace at twilight. Exquisite! Beijing traffic is unbelievable.. we feel like an attraction ourselves. Had photos taken with two lovely young girls who wanted our picture!! Not enough time to go through the whole place, it is just huge!

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5th Oct 2014

Still shopping anther pair trackie pants, jeans,thermals, sewing kit. Checked phone unlocked. Played withe Skype on phone and tablet. Still more to do!!

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